Welcome to Accord Alliance

Handbook for Parents

Accord Alliance promotes comprehensive and integrated approaches to care that enhance the health and well-being of people and families affected by differences of sex development (DSD)*.

We partner with patients and families, healthcare administrators, clinicians, support groups, and researchers to facilitate open communication and collaboration among all persons working together to improve care of those affected by DSD. Through these partnerships, we can help all families experience better care, better outcomes, and better lives.

We strive to make our website a central hub of information for those working to improve the quality of outcomes in DSD through enhanced healthcare and research and through education of the public. Whether you are new to the issues of DSD or are a highly-experienced clinical specialist, we believe you’ll find information at this website helpful to you. Here you’ll find educational materials (including Clinical Guidelines and a Handbook for Parents), clinical pearls shared by DSD specialists, information about upcoming meetings, summaries of recent presentations, and more.

Welcome! If you find this website useful to you, please consider supporting our ongoing work with a financial contribution.

*Historic document titles and clinical reference remains disorders of sex development

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