Our Programs

Working Together to Improve Care

We are working on a number of initiatives to expand our reach nationally and meet the needs of all persons and families affected by DSD. Our programs include:

  • Utilizing a DSD model of care and guidelines, including training and support for interdisciplinary healthcare teams and decision aides for families and providers;
  • Continuously expanding our website to provide targeted information for patients, families, clinicians, and researchers;
  • Producing an informational video to increase awareness of DSD and educate the general public about DSD care and treatment; and
  • Developing a teacher’s kit to guide college-level courses on intersex and DSD history and current treatment paradigms.

Please continue to visit our website to learn more about these initiatives as we implement them. We also want to hear your thoughts about how we can make these projects successful, or how you may be able to support us in our efforts.

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