F1000 Commentary: Treatment of adults with complications from previous hypospadias surgery / How do I find a specialist for myself, as a person with a DSD?

If you have health insurance and have a specific DSD diagnosis, try contacting the patient helpline of your insurance company to ask for the kind of physician you need to help you. If you’re not sure what kind of physician that is and you are a woman, ask for a specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology or Gynecology. If you’re not sure what kind of physician to ask for, and you are a man, ask to see a specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology or Urology. (Don’t be concerned that the term “Reproductive Endocrinology” suggests you’re interested in reproduction; that’s just the official name for endocrinologists who specialize in issues of sex hormones.)

Also take note that support groups for DSD often know of competent and compassionate specialists. You can visit their websites and contact them for help. (Click here for a list of support groups.)

There’s also the option of helping physicians you already know, respect, and trust become more educated in your particular condition. It’s not uncommon for people with DSD to have researched their conditions so much that they can educate their doctors by bringing them important information and asking them to research the medical literature to learn more. Good doctors are always interested in learning more and helping coordinate quality care for their patients. And if you turn a doctor into a specialist in DSD, you’ve helped create a specialist for other patients like yourself.

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