F1000 Commentary: Treatment of adults with complications from previous hypospadias surgery / How does Accord Alliance differ from other non-profit DSD goups?

A number of fine peer support groups and pediatric teams exist to care for the needs of people with DSD and their families. Accord Alliance exists to support those groups in their efforts to provide an improved quality of life through a patient-centered model of care. We do this in part by working to connect these groups to each other.

Overall, we seek to be an organization that gives the people active in DSD care the tools they need to make affected people’s lives better. So we provide workshops, clinical guidelines, and a handbook for parents, as well as providing a central location on the web for those seeking to develop high-quality interdisciplinary team approaches to DSD care delivery. Accord Alliance is the only organization offering this compilation of support services to those who provide care for DSD.

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